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Wednesday, 19 May 2010 01:37

Decorative Nesting Boxes

Decorative Nesting Boxes

Looking for decorative nestable boxes for your gifts packaging ?

We are a decorative nested boxes manufacturer in China. Custom made decorative nesting boxes from here !

Beautiful Nesting Gift Boxes in a vast assortment of colors and designs for your reference. There are some decorative nesting boxes, small decorative nesting paper boxes, wedding decorative gift boxes set, round nesting gift boxes, etc for you.


1. Round Christmas Nesting Boxes

Round Christmas Nesting Boxes

Material : rigid paper board , 2mm thickness ; 128 gsm art paper with Chrismtas design printing for the outside

Shaped : round-shaped nesting paper boxes

Design : red , yellow, see it in the picture

Size : three different sizes, small size, medium size and large size, three Christmas paper boxes nested into one set


2. Decorative Fabric Nesting Boxes with Lids (Set of 2)

Decorative Fabric Nesting Boxes with Lids

Material : rigid cardboard , black or red fabric , black or red ribbon

Decoration : 4 cm width ribbon to decorate the fabric nesting gift boxes , ribbon in black or red color

Size : two sizes round fabric boxes with lids , set of 2

Useful : these decorative cloth nestable boxes for wedding party


3. Square Leather Nested Gift Boxes

Square Leather Nested Gift Boxes

Material : rigid cardboard paper , high quality pu leather for outside , special paper for inside of the boxes

Shaped : square-shaped nesting gift boxes

Size : two sizes of the leather nesting boxes, set of 2

Packing : small leather box with lid into the large size , one set into a polybag , `1 sets leather nesting boxes into a strong shipping carton


4. Decorative Nestable Paper Boxes with Lids

 Decorative Nestable Paper Boxes with Lids

Material : 2 mm rigid paper board , 128 gsm art paper, printable ribbons, small tags

Shaped : round shaped boxes with lids , round nested gift boxes with ribbons

Printing : dot printing for the outside of the decorative paper nesting boxes

Ribbons : black color with white dots printing to decorate the round nested boxes


5. Wedding Cake Nesting Boxes (set of 5)

Wedding Cake Nesting Boxes

Material : 2 mm rigid strong cardboard paper board, 157 gsm art paper with wedding rose design printing

Shape : round shaped wedding cake boxes

Set of 5 : 5 different sizes round cake boxes for wedding , nested together for one set to save the packaging cost and shipping fregith

Design : wedding rose design

Lamination : matte lamination for outside of the decorative wedding nesting boxes


Custom wedding cake boxes

If you interested in any other decorative nesting boxes, decorative storage boxes, round nesting boxes, gift boxes, or your have own design and idea for the decorative nestable gift boxes, please let me know.

Send an enquiry or get more details from zooly box, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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