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Friday, 11 March 2011 02:00

Paper Storage Boxes

Paper Storage Boxes

Zooly box is a paper storage boxes manufacturer in China, our factory can produce the paper storage boxes with lids, printed paper gift boxes, decorative storage boxes based on our clients requirements.

Paper storage items include paper cases, storage boxes, folders, organizers, paper bags, etc.

Paper storage boxes are lightweight and flexible packaging solutions, fit for use on a wide range of items and made in many sizes and shapes.

Zooly box can supply packaging supplies , including storage boxes, archive boxes, cartons , cases, bags, bubble wrap, tissue paper , cardboard boxes, etc. There are some paper storage boxes for your reference.


1. Paper Document Storage Box in Red color

Paper Document Storage Box in Red color

Material : 2 mm rigid cardboard covered red special fabric paper

Size : documents sizes , can hold A4 files / papers , a nice paper storage box

Structure : bottom box with lid, red storage boxes with lids

Shape : rectangular storage boxes

The paper storage box with a small memo holder in metal , then you can write a small tag for the documetns in the storage boxes.

Blick paper storage boxes are our most affordable print storage system. These economical storage boxes are perfect for keeping your gifts, documents, etc.


2. Printed Paper Shoe Storage Box

Printed Paper Shoe Storage Box

Material : 1,300 gsm cardboard , strong , smooth, rigid cardboard , covered 128 gsm coated ppaer, inside to be black special paper

Size : 26 cm x 14 cm x 10 cm, lid height 3 cm

Shape : rectangular paper box, rectangular storage box with lid

Structure : shoe box with lid, cardboard storage boxes with lids

Useful : it is a cardboard storage box for shoes packaging , nice shoes storage boxes

Printing : 4 color design printing for the outside of the base and top


3. Natural Kraft Paper Storage Boxes

Natural Kraft Paper Storage Boxes

Material : natural kraft corrugated paper, e-flute corrugated cardboard

Structure : bottom with top, corrugated storage box with lid, shipping storage boxes

Color : natural kraft paper color, no printing

The paper storage box for documents packaging.

Flat packaging to save the packaging cost, delivery freight and storage room.


Custom paper storage boxes

If you need other storage boxes, like fabric storage boxes, storage boxes with lids, printed storage boxes, cardboard paper storage boxes, storage gift boxes, newspaper storage boxes, stationery storage boxes, scrapbook storage boxes, rigid storage boxes, etc. Please contact us, zooly box can produce the new storage boxes based on your need.

Maybe you also intersted in other gift boxes, decorative storage boxes, wholesale hat boxes, decorative gift boxes, cardboard hat boxes, small round boxes, keepsake gift boxes, etc.

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