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Friday, 18 March 2011 13:12

Wooden Hat Boxes

Wooden Hat Boxes

Zooly box is a Wooden Hat Boxes manufacturer in China, our factory can produce the Wooden Hat Boxes, round wooden boxes, wooden boxes with lids based on your need.

Hat boxes custom made and personalized in wood. Chief petty officers coast guard hat boxes. Wooden hat boxes show what I have done for specific requests.

You can make your own wooden hat boxes with your own logo or design ideas.

There are some small wooden boxes, round wooden boxes, decorative wooden boxes, wood nesting boxes, wooden storage boxes for your reference.

Round Wooden Nesting Boxes

Round Wooden Nesting Boxes

Material : wood material

Shape : round shaped wooden boxes

Structure : bottom box with lid, wooden boxes with lids

Wooden hat boxes in three sizes, 3 different wooden boxes nested into one set wood nested boxes

Small size wooden hat box into the medium wooden hat box , then put them into the large wood hat boxes.

Packing : 1 set into a strong inner box , 2 sets into a strong shipping carton.


Custom Wooden Hat Boxes

We provide an extensive selection of unique hand made and hand embellished gifts for your home. Like round wooden boxes, round hat boxes are made in paper , pvc, fabric or wood.

Zooly box can produce the wooden boxes, lockable wooden boxes, hat boxes, small boxes, gift boxes to meet your need.

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Saturday, 12 March 2011 02:59

Wooden Boxes with Lids

Wooden Boxes with Lids

Zooly box is a wooden boxes manufacturer in China, the factory can produce the wood boxes with lids for you.

There are many different wooden boxes , like slide lid box, flat lid box, bottom only box, wooden box with lid, non interlocking lid, hinge lid, round lid, square wooden lid.

Custom made wooden storage box with lid , it is made of an exotic wood called leopardwood . We can also produce the storage boxes in MDF for you.

If you are looking to make a larger wood box, such as a chest, contact us, make your own wooden boxes with lids based on your need.


1. Wooden Chest with connected lid

Wooden Chest with connected lid

Material : real wood with metal lock

Shape : wooden chest jewelry gift boxes, wooden boxes with lock, locked wooden boxes

Size : 3 different sizes , small size wooden box pack into medium box, then put into the large chest.

Wooden boxes with connected lids.


2. Plain Wooden Boxes with Lids

Plain Wooden Boxes with Lids

Material : real plain woode

Shape : rectuangular wooden gift boxes

Structure : bottom box with lid, wooden boxes with wooden lids

Nesting wooden boxes in 3 sizes, set of 3 wooden storage boxes with lids

Packing : 1 set wooden boxes into a strong inner box , 4 sets wooden boxes with lids into a strong shiping carton.


Custom wooden boxes with lids

These pretty decorative wooden boxes make great accents for any room. All of our polish style boxes have hinged lids with recessed hinges ,or bottom boxes with lids.

If you have tons of handy tools on your garage , large wooden boxes with lids are the answer to your clutter problems.

Zooly box can produce the large wooden storage boxes lids, large wood gift boxes to meet your need. Save money and get the best factory prices, compare products at zoolybox.

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Tuesday, 25 May 2010 00:22

Lockable Wooden Boxes

Lockable Wooden Boxes

Looking for wooden jewelry box with lock ? We are a wooden boxes, paper boxes, gift boxes manufacturer in Ningbo City, China, our factory can produce many kinds of lockable wooden boxes, wooden jewelry boxes, plain wooden boxes for you.

A selection of wooden boxes and treasure chests, connected hindges on the back for the lid to open up with a locking hasp on the front.

Handcarved Sheham wood secret lock box with a delicate brass inlay design on top. Locking fly boxes feature clamshell design and compartments with drawers.

Choose quality locking wood jewelry boxes from Zooly Box. There are some lockable wooden boxes for your reference.


1. Looking Wood Jewelry Boxes

Looking Wood Jewelry Boxes

Material : real wood, metal lock , small metal decoration

Size : three different sizes , nested together for one set nesting wooden gift boxes

Shaped : treasure chests shaped jewelry boxes, lockable wooden boxes

Lock : small metal lock to close the chests


2. Plain Lockable Wooden Box

Plain Lockable Wooden Box

Material : thin wood , golden metal corners and golden metal lock

Size : 22 cm x 22 cm x 5 cm

Color : black color , paint wood box with lock , plain wooden gift boxes

Lock : small gold color metal lock


3. Large Handmade Wood Boxes with Drawers

Large Handmade Wood Boxes with locks

Material : quality wooden, fabric , small drawers, handles

Size : large size wooden boxes, large cosmetic boxes in wood

Drawers : 3 pieces drawers for this wooden boxes

Puller : wood pullers on the drawers


Buy a jewelry box with lock, shop locking jewelry boxes in wood or leather jewelry chest and amoire styles. Choose from womens or mens lockable jewelry boxes in Zooly Box.

Beautifully handmade gift boxes in the China, our factory can supply wooden keepsakes or memory storage boxes are lockable with a hasp lock with two keys.


Custom lockable wood boxes

If you interested in any wooden boxes, jewelry boxes, small ring boxes, locking boxes, gift boxes , please contact us.

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